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13 ways to know a girl is interested in you (from her reply)

May 24, 2016


These are 13 Sentences You’ll Hear If

A Nigerian Girl Likes You

1. “…big head.” (the ultimate term of endearment)

2. “So your girlfriend will come and break my head, abi?” (They are using style to ask if you have a girlfriend.)

3. “…all your girls.” (When they like you, they swear other girls like you too.)

4. “Go away jor.” (Better stay there.)

5. “When are you coming to take me out?” (They actually like you.)

6. “You cannot even call somebody.” (They like talking to you.)

7. “Is there light in your house?”

(They want to come over.)

8. “You just forgot about me.” (They miss you.)

9. “Ode.” (The official Nigerian girl pet name.)

10. “Have you eaten?” (They actually care.)

11. “Where have you been since?”

(They REALLY miss you.)

12. “You’re so annoying.” (Don’t stop what you’re doing.)

13. “I hate you.” (They love you.)……

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