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Beauty Makeup & Skincare

Beauty Obsessed with Ilo Black :How to keep your face clean daily

Jan 4, 2017

The face is the most noticed part of the body. There is more to cleaning your face than just washing soap and water.

1>Find out your skin type, oily/dry/normal
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2> Use a simple face wash twice a day,morning and night.

3> Avoid using ordinary soaps which are too harsh for your face.

4> Pat your skin dry with a gentle touch, don’t scrub because the skin on your face is sensitive.

5> Use toners, which help remove excess oils and dead skin

6>Treat the skin around the eyes gently.

7> Don’t touch your face, this can spread bacteria

8>Use suitable makeup for your skin type

9> Drink lots of water.

10> Follow a healthy diet.

Everyone wants to have a fresh face,Adding this to your daily routine and help you do that. Stay Beautiful.
Written by Ilo Black

Feel free to share questions, suggestions in comment box section.

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