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5 Clear Signs You Are Not Dating The Right Person

Aug 20, 2017

Looking for love can be a very long and complicated process and once one found someone who comes close to being the perfect person it’s always tempting to ignore all warning signs in that relationship because of all the long processes it took to find love but do not let desperation lure you into committing into something that may be wrong for you because getting out of a bad relationship becomes very difficult when you have invested your time and heart and it eventually drains you.

So before you invest too much of your time and heart into a relationship, take some time to analyse your interactions with your partner to see what is good for you.

Below are some ways to tell whether you made the right decision.

You fight all the time: “Does every conversation end in arguing followed by two days of the silent treatment?if you’ve made efforts to improve your communication, but nothing has changed, save yourself the trouble and cut your losses, the chronic stress produced by consistent bickering is bad for your health and it’s just simply no way to live”.

You don’t share the same values: “Espousing similar values is just as important as having shared interests, conflicting values will likely be the catalyst for many future arguments so if you desire a peaceful home, make sure your values are in alignment”.

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Your self-esteem has taken a nosedive: “If you had a relatively healthy sense of self, but now you don’t feel as worthy, it’s time to move on, never stay with someone who makes you feel like you don’t matter or that you are nothing without him or her in your life, your value should not rest on what someone else thinks of you”.

You’re anxious: “Anxiety is one of your body’s ways of telling you that something is wrong, if you notice that you’ve been constantly feeling anxious, you may want to dig deeper and see if your relationship may be causing these symptoms because that unsettled feeling may be a sign that something is not right, your interactions with your significant other should not leave you feeling uneasy so alarm bells should go off if you ever feel unsafe in your boyfriend or girlfriend’s presence, true love never involves physical harm”.

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Your friends and family do not approve: “Depending on why your friends and family won’t give the green light, you may or may not want to take their opinion into consideration”.

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