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Jan 19, 2017

*From the office of the President of the Nigeria Universities Engineering Students Assocition, AAU, Ekpoma , Edo-State Chapter, Comr. SAMSON E. OSIOMWAN-SAMSON (SOS)*


Engineering Orientate it’s 100l student
The Orientation/introduction class which held at the Engineering faculty large hall yesterday 18th of Jan. Was quite fulfilling and intriguing as it had so many questions on the mind of the student answered and gave them an understanding of the family they had just belong to, the leaders of the faculty where also in attendance in their numbers

*The meeting which started at about 1pm, Kickoff with the president himself, (SAMSON O. SAMSON) saying the opening prayers* followed by the introduction of the leaders who were present which include the persons of Hon. Blessed, com. Peter Adene, and some of the NUESA excos who were present.

This was followed by the President introduction of himself proper to the new-bees in the faculty.
Next was the person of, Hillary Ogbebor Blaze who brief the students with words of encouragement and instigating into them the right mindset to have as upcoming professional engineers and not just to forget their studies as engineering student and move about with the title of being an “engineering student”.
Also,Gabriel (Dynamic Tutorial) also admonish the students to be studious so as to avoid failing too many of their courses at their early stage.

Next was the president himself who took time with deligence to advice and inform the students on what they all need to know to make them successful students of the faculty.
These include informing them to confide and Respect all the lecturers and senior students in the faculty. Cautioning them that desist from disrespectful act to their lecturers which may lead to severer punishments and he also introduce them to the faculty fellowship (concess) which will help them in nurturing their relationship with God.
The president spoke on the issue of class rep. Which he reported that, “there are no class reps yet to avoid extortion and misuse of the opportunity and he went further to inform them on major aspect concerning their academics, course forms etc and he also informed them that the faculty will be setting up ELECO for the election of the new NUESA excos b4 the meeting finally came to a close…
Comr. Miracle Ehimare.
SA on media to the president (NUESA).

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