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>Aauites: Meet Mr Fns, Mr S.U.G, Miss FNS.[See Photos].

Aug 8, 2016


After every contest there is always a winner, but when the contest is so complicated, you leave people by unbalancing them with doubts. This guy and this lady are just too cute,

AAUitees we are blessed with beautiful people,

Is it that the girls are more beautiful compared to guys? I leave this question for you guys to answer, because this post has left me in a state of confusion.

Well let me drop the first one.

Meet Mr S.U.G, Mr Fns and former Mr Mcb.

Name: Ehioghae Courage

Stage Name: Delighted courage

Nickname: Cute

Faculty: Faculty of natural sciences.

Department: Micro biology.

Hobbies: Creative act, like Acting, Modeling,  dancing, photography, honesty, etc

Hates: unjust injustice, dishonesty.

Biography: I am from Edo State, Egor local government, Benin city.

I enjoy doing what I do and I try to be good in them, mature minded, business oriented, am easy going anyway.

Advice; Put God first in everything you do,  believe in yourself, never give up, even when you fall or fail, take it as an opportunity to correct your wrongs or missing path, don’t practice rather make perfect, take nothing for granted, there is always a sense from every nonsense,  we learn everyday , when you fall you stand up keep on pushing and pressing and God will  smile at you. . Make sure you don’t divert from what brought you to school into, partying, cultisim malpractices  and other irrelevant exscortion.

See his lovely photos below.

IMG-20160808-WA0003 IMG-20160807-WA0013

See nice photo shoot between Mr Fns, Sug and Mss Fns.



I beg Xclusive fans and AAUites, between mss fns and Mrs SUG who fine pass?? Please kindly drop your comments Below.

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