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AAUITES: OKOEMU SPEAKS! Voice from the gallows

Jun 18, 2016










Voice from the Gallows


I am a prisoner

Arrested, thrown in gallows,

For a bread I stole to cure my rioting stomach;

And since the beginning of the world, I have been in the gallows.


Right here I want to see that day,

When I and that Governor who stole a State will be in the same prison.


When my mother and that Senator’s wife will visit same clinic for child birth,

Why do she go London

And my mother in the local?


When will my country’s president falls sick and will be treated at one General hospital here just like my father?

Why must he go London for it or isn’t here good for all?


When will my brother work in that office that fits him?

Why is justice  only for the rich and the poor are victims?


I am a prisoner in the gallows since Adam

And I want to only why it is all so.


-by Okoemu


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