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#AAUXclusive: Cletus Diary EP2

Mar 11, 2017

CONTINUATION………. While as the Director of Information, I was able to take AAU Information to another level, by creating WhatsApp Group for all the Class reps, Faculty heads and Governors (Govos). While in the Office I thought of how I could Unite the entire AAU Students with a Platform. At first I thought of bringing WiFi to my Faculty with the little money I had, I Again had a Positive rethinking and thought it wise to establish a platform that will benefit the entire school rather than my Faculty. Along the line, I was able to raise a little fund to create aauxclusive.com blog. I had to do that because I could use it to Carry everybody along, even as far as the College of Medicine who before then saw themselves as marginalized and left behind even when under same S.U.G body as the Main campus. Even the Per time (Emado Campus) were carried along too. I tried my posible best to create it (http://aauxclusive.com), even when I added creating a blog to my budget it was scraped and never approved, I had to go get fund myself, created it and made available Platforms where all the Faculty Presidents, Hostel Govos and S.U.G House of Parliament, to be recognized.

My Team was therefore surprise to see a young man named *Thompson Jotham and popularly known as Perfection* in an attempt to cause chaos on Social Media and to score cheap Political point acredited this great Achievement and its Associate to another Aspirant who may not have even requested such lies.

It will Interest you to know my fellow Students that I, m not planning going home with this Innovation, I have actually planed to handover this Blog to the Next Director of Information as soon as I graduate.

Great AAU Students, do you know that I have taken the name of AAU outside the State and Region? Do you know we now have a branch of http://aauxclusive.com in the Northern part of Nigeria. My fellow Students, am humbled to announce to you today that AAUXCLUSIVE has Birthed another blog in a far sister University, which is UNIJOS. And I therefore Present to you http://Ujxclusive.com Greatest Nigerian Students. And this again was made possible by my Personal Fund. My fellow Students, even if you know nothing about my feelings, just know that *I LOVE YOU ALL*. And I hope to tell you all you need to know about Spelling Bee in *Episode Three*

*_#Support and Vote Cletus Oribhabor for SUG President#_*

Enaholo Abel Usiale

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