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#AAUXclusive: Cletus Diary EP3

Mar 11, 2017

CONTINUATION….. I went a step further to upload GST 101,102,111,112 available on PDF Files to assist all 100L students in GST exams, I used the same Platform to recruit a lot of students, where we where able to teach them how to blog, publish articles and empower them in their areas of specialization.

Again, I thought of how to reach out to those who did not have phones to browse through the Introduction of the first ever AAU Spelling bee Competition season 1, where we recorded over 180 participants. The program was colourful and lovely and it even attracted NTA Iruekpen.

Spelling bee competition was also added to my budget but again, it was scrapped off. I had to source for funds to make this dream possible. Prizes where awarded, among which were: 50,000 cash, student fridge, Infinix phone, standing fan and Pressing iron.

Despite these functions, I still continued dishing out information to the general students and made sure I never left them in the dark, which was my primary assignment.

With these past achievements and the passion I have to serve, I thought it wise to run for presidency in the forthcoming 2016/2017 SUG elections. This will afford me better opportunity to serve AAU. Thanks, and God bless you my fellow students as I humbly hope to have your vote in the Forthcoming S.U.G Election.
#Support and Vote Cletus Oribhabor for SUG President#

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