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#AAUXclusive: ENT 211 Update (Must Read)

Jun 16, 2017

Various class representatives meant with Mr. Odia and Mr. Okoro, today at the ENT Office to discuss on how the Practical aspect of ENT211 is going to be done.

This was what was gathered

Groups are going to formed. 20 persons per group, till the number of persons gets exhausted

In the case of, let me say, 2 or 3 persons remaining and were not able to be in a group, you are going to be fixed under a particular group*

Each group will consist of a Male and Female Leader while the Latter acts as the Assistant Group Leader or vice versa

ENT 211 practical manual costs N700. The amount is to be paid via the account number used in paying for ENT201

The Original text costs more. Mr. Odia would get across to the V.C to know if we are to pay via Bank or the Office and also to know the amount we are to pay for the Original text (The practical manual is a different text)*

Everyone belonging to a group is to pay N2000. The money is to be paid to the Group Leader. The Group Leader collects the money, puts down your name and gives the money to Mr. Okoro to get raw materials

The Group leader goes with Mr. Okoro to get the materials from Lagos or Onitsha as the case maybe

The materials gotten will be brought to school and the practical work begins*

Things listed to be produced include:*
Lab coats
Academic Gowns i.e Matric Gowns/Convocation Gowns
_Others include; Tailoring Class, Weldering Class, Soap Making Class, Baking Class e.t.c depending on the group you were placed.

Everybody is going to be scored individually and also as a Group, by Mr. Odia

Attendance counts as well

There is going to be a time limit for payment of the N2000 so as not to hinder th progress of the practical*Failure to pay the amount within the stipulated time amounts to you having the course as a carryover*

*Dress properly during the practical classes because of the equipments or the items you are going to be handling*


_The practical class is going to commence immediately after the theory classes are done with._
_The Theory class will begin as from next week and it will take up to 4 weeks. After the 4th week, the practical class is going to commence_


*Mr. Odia said the grouping should start as early as possible.*

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