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Beauty Makeup & Skincare

Beauty Obsessed with Ilo Black :Easy tips to take care of your Makeup products

Jan 3, 2017

Makeup Products gives us a very improved look but without proper care, one can get skin infections. So take a look at your makeup products and brushes girls!!.They are craving to get cleaned.

To Clean Brushes:
You will need a mild shampoo,warm water and clean towels.
Step 1> Wet only the bristles
Step 2> Put a little amount of shampoo, take care not to rub roughly.
Step 3> Wash in warm water until the water becomes colorless.
Step 4> Gently put them across the towel to air dry.
P.S: Never dry brushes in direct sunlight as they may fade .

To Clean Powder Puffs:
They need to be cleaned at least once a week with shampoo solution.

To Clean Lipsticks:
Sanitizing the lipstick is important. Take a clean cotton swab, then slightly twist up your lipstick and scrape the topmost part of the lipstick off.

To Clean Pencils:
Pencils can function as a lot of things. This is easier to clean. Just give a complete twist to remove a single layer.

To clean Your Foundation:
Use a cotton swab and anti bacterial solution to clean the pump dispenser.

To Clean Your Bronzer, eye shadow, blush and Powder:
Take a blunt knife to scrape the top layer of the product. Do not press firmly as it will result in breaking of your product. If you are bothered about scraping of the product, it is best to spray rubbing alcohol over it and let it dry.

To Clean Your Makeup Bags & Cases:
This gets easily. It is best to remove all your product and wash with anti bacterial solution.

Sanitizing the makeup accessories is very important in skin care routine. Follow this tips and stay beautiful.
Feel free to share your valuable suggestions in the comment section.

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