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Beauty Obsessed with Ilo Black : Keratosis Pilaris (with pictures)

Jan 5, 2017

Little bumps, big annoyance. Keratosis Pilaris turns soft smooth skin to sand paper .This is a common skin condition which causes mostly arm bumps sometimes in the upper thighs, buttocks and face too.

It can’t be explained why some people get it and some don’t . The bumps arent painful but make the skin feel dry and rough. Keratosis Polaris can happen at any age, Babies may have it on their cheeks ,but it’s common in teenagers.

1) Moisturize.

2) Consider a prescription.

3) Take a hot bath and exfoliate.

4) Shave with gel or cream.

When treating Keratosis pilaris, continuous effort is needed. With time your skin will get smoother. Stay good looking.
Written By Ilo Black

Feel free to drop your suggestions, experiences, questions in the comment box section.

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