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Beauty Obsessed with Ilo Black:Home Remedies For Crack/Dry Lips

Jan 6, 2017

Due to the harmattan, our lips tend to get dry fast and in most cases even crack. With time it becomes painful making it hard for one to eat spicy meals.

Home remedies are:
1) Drink plenty of fluids.

2) Don’t lick or pick at your lips.

3) Apply ointment or lip balm.

4) Apply oils (Coconut oil,Almond,Jojoba, Olive).

Chronically cracked lips might be a symptom of a serious illness. Cracked lips can be treated using these Home remedies. Stay Good looking.
Written by Ilo black
IG : Ilo_Black

Feel free to drop your suggestions ,experience and questions in the comment box section.

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