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Disregard every AAU news without a bulletin as a way of protecting your image as a student(By Cletus Oribhabor).

Oct 12, 2016


Good evening my fellow students.

I want to sincerely appreciate every member of this great Institution for giving me the opportunity to serve as the SUG Director of Information for the past 11months.


We were inaugurated on November 12, 2015, after our election was conducted 3 months before our official Inauguration.


In life I have learnt one thing, “always do what is right even when it’s difficult, even when people tag you wrong, but still act according to your heart’s desire.” Also I have discovered that there is virtually nothing you will do in this life that people won’t talk about. It’s normal, That’s the irony of life. Despite all these, I  still continue doing what I know and what i love doing best.


I have never wanted anybody to praise me for just what I do. My heart’s desire is for people to praise me over what I have been able to teach them and how I have been able to empower them with what I do.


My long term vision was to bring AAU students to the limelight, to make them discover themselves (their talents) in diverse ways because we virtually have everything we need in this Campus.



My statement as it relates to disregarding any information until an official news bulletin is released, was simply borne out of my experience as the SUG director of Information. There were times I had to post news that took me to the Dean’s office for defence, there were times Stephen Ikhane and I were invited to come and defend leaked information. There were times my fellow excos accused me of disseminating wrong information about school ID cards and so many more. The reason i do this is not because i am the best, it’s actually because of the passion I have to serve. Even though right now my tenure is over, I still try as much as possible to cover up. Not because I cannot stay mute, but because I know I need to leave a good platform for the incoming D.O.I, because I know he will have enough platform to disseminate information as soon as he is inaugurated. He will have enough time to be creative and impart into other students.


Any Information that has not been officially released is considered a rumour.

So many have castigated me saying that I work for the management. God knows best. Every office has it’s role to play. It is the duty of the Registrar to release any information officially to the Information Office for Publication. And as the Director of Information, that is the rule. I work with what I see not what I hear because what I hear can be changed over time.


Why I took time to write this is for my fellow students to see reasons why it is necessary to always wait for the right information at the right time, not reading information without proofs and signatures. We all know that we see information before hand. It shouldn’t be the reason why we must embrace any information we see online without proofs.


I’m happy that so many blogs and facebook pages are in AAU, but it does not mean we should be hyperactive to the extent you no longer consider what will lure you into problem. Instead patiently wait for the management to officially release any information first, before you post,  it saves your name and earns you respect.


So my fellow students, I never said the news about school calendar was not true, I only said we should wait for the management to release the official bulletin.


I know I’m an aspirant and that’s one of the reasons people have been saying a lot of things about me. I understand, God knows best.


One love AAUITES please forward this information to every departmental and faculty groups.


From Cletus Oribhabor.



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