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Don’t Deny Me Laughter – Mac Herny

Nov 18, 2016


My queen, open this door to your heart.
Let me walk in and reside for everlasting.

My queen, understand me deeply.
I love you. All of you. Your hair.
Your smells. Your head. From head to toe.
To toenails and everything you do.

My queen, I’ll worship you with undying roses.
I’ll wash and wrap you with glittery diamonds.
Let me knee before thee and kiss your feet
Up to your lips countlessly under the infinite sky.

Let me embrace your warm heart. So open it.
So I can walk without getting stuck in the mud.

(Is that too much of a dream?)

I thought dreams do come true.
I thought dreams bring laughter when you chase.
But my heart is soaked with dismay.
For laughter is the denial of my soul.

(c) Mac Henry Imafidon

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