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EDO STATE ELECTION UPDATE SO FAR from team aauxclusive

Sep 28, 2016

today marking the 28th day of September, which has been slated for Edo State Governorship Election. I will say the people are fully ready to cast there votes, in Esan West(Ekpoma) this morning i can barely hear noises from people talking about today’s election.lol..hmmmm it seems they already know who is going to win, indeed i would want to commend the State Government who had provided security for edo people in order for us to have a free and fair election. Imaging the troops of soldiers that entered Ekpoma and Uromi yesterday, i swaer cold go catch u…lol.

also in Esan north east(Uromi) the environment is peaceful and the people are currently preparing to go to there respective places where they will cast there votes.

Inec Sensitive materials must have arrived and it had not been circulated to various wards and units. meanwhile Inec Adhock staffs are fully ready to conduct the election, as at yesterday i saw so many staffs, both corpers and students who had been trained to conduct the election in various primary schools.

With this, i will say the people are fully ready to vote, with peaceful environ and atmosphere, the Security, Staffs, Voters, etc

the grate people of edo state are ready and have assured a peaceful election.

We urge all edo state citizen to fully avail themselves of this rare opportunity to choose who will preside over the affair of edo people in the next 4 years by coming out to vote and push away the fear in them that the election is going to be deadly or rugged.


From team aauxclusive.com…please for any updates about the election in your location, or local government, wards and units please forward your article and pictures to 08077531068 via whatsapp it will be fully uploaded


stay tuned for more updates on today’s election we promise to feed you with all the necessary information about the election.

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