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Getting Someone To Fall In Love With You

Mar 12, 2016


First things first, there is no way to ‘make’ (force, compel, coerce) someone to love you. However, there are tips that may be applied to encourage or give ‘that little push’ necessary to make this happen.

Now, this is a basic requirement: the most crucial ingredient to relationship success is ‘the willingness to commit’. Whether someone is ‘relationship material’ or not is determined by their will to commit to another person.
Once this is settled, we consider the first step

Getting to know them, like them

The best way to start the process of getting into a relationship is to genuinely seek to know the other person. Knowing and remembering someone’s full name, likes, dislikes and hobbies are steps in the right direction – those are important details. However, what says whether you really know someone or not is how much of the ‘little and seemingly unimportant’ details you have – like what they actually mean, instead of what they say.

Talk to them, hear them share their fears; know their deepest convictions. Usually, after you have know someone for a few weeks, you’d have decided whether you still want to love them or not.

Getting fond of them

Trust is a major contribution to fondness and ‘the best way to measure how much someone trusts you is how vulnerable they could be around you. Thus, getting someone to trust you starts with learning and accepting their weaknesses and, sincerely becoming a part of their passion. When two people engage in activities together, especially physical, they bond better and quicker.

Falling in love

Love is actually only an ‘end’ to a series of actions; stand by the other person during
difficulties, show concern yet, allow them have their personal space.

Then, initiate a date and be straightforward about it.

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