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Emotan Hostel




Position: Hostel Governess (Govo)

Name: Mawah Glory

Nick Name: O.D Baby

Faculty: Faulty of Social Science

Department: Political Science

Level: 400

Hobbies: Cooking, Playing and Praying

Likes: Been in company of people, Politics

Dislikes: Music and UnGodly Things


Position: Secretary General (Sec. Gen)

Name: Chukwudolue C. Lydia

Nick Name: Lyd’C

Faculty: Faulty of Agriculture

Department: Crop Science

Level: 400

Hobbies: Watching Movies, Dancing and Cooking

Likes: Everything that makes me happy

Dislikes: Hurting people around me and Everything bad


Position: Director Of Social (DOS)

Name: Asse Oshuware Oluwadamilola

Nick Name: Demzy

Faculty: Faulty Of Arts

Department: Theatre and Media Art

Level: 300

Hobbies: Rapping, Cooking, Reading, Acting and Getting Creative

Likes: Being Real

Dislikes: Not being real


Position: Director of Welfare (DOW)

Name: Airudubie F. Immaculate

Nick Name: E-Ku-Ria-Na-Tor

Faculty: Faulty of Arts

Department: English

Level: 400

Hobbies: Singing

Likes: Going to campus fellowship, Evangelism

Dislikes: Immorality


Position: Financial Secretary (Fin. Sec)

Name: Alleh Mary Fumilayo

Nick Name: May

Faculty: Faulty of Education

Department: Guidance and Counseling

Level: 400

Hobbies: Dancing and Watching Movies

Likes: Honest and Sincere Persons

Dislikes: Dislike Persons that tell lies


Position: House Of Parliamentary Rep. Emotan (HOP)

Name: Obhade Anna

Nick Name: Anny

Faculty: Faulty of Law

Department: Law

Level: 400

Hobbies: Reading and Travelling

Likes: Sincerity and Quietness

Dislikes: Dirty Person and Disorderliness