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Ladies, you may not get a man if you exhibit one of these attributes!

Sep 3, 2016


You Need A Man And You Belong To One Or All Of These


Many women are clamoring they don’t have a man to even

tell them how pretty they look, yet they belong to one or

more of these listed categories:


You are proud, yet you expect a man to approach you, you

are extremely on your own.

There is no one you are not afraid to talk back at. You find

fault in every man you see on the road or that comes to


You are fast to compare men as they come.


Highest degree of it all is this category.

Though, every man want their woman to also earn income

to sustain the home this days, but not to the extent of you

having and also making it conspicuous you have it more

than the man especially when you are searching.

Only “few” men don’t care about what your appearance


Most men will not even want to come close once they

weigh how buoyant you are financially through your

appearance when they know your appearance alone can buy

them and their generation.


Ladies that belong to this category are those that keep

saying i want a man that is extremely rich or educated or

good looking or tall or short or someone with 6-packs or

dark or light and so on.

Well, no big deal setting preference, but the issue comes in

when your preference does not choose you, what will then


Love doesn’t know preference, little wonder why some

ladies in their matrimonial home keeps pondering why they

settle for what they have never set as preference as their

dream partner.


Laughing out loud at this because the appearance shows

“don’t trespass” so, you shouldn’t expect any reasonable

man to even come closer.

Even a man that is very serious naturally or extremely

religious will not take a second look at your angry looking

face let alone someone that is free and always cheerful.


This is common not just among women but even among


When you claim to be what you are not. What you are to Mr

A is different from what Mrs. B knows you for.

To you, you think they don’t know you forgetting this world

is very small, they even know you more than you know


You just need to keep your calm if you want a good man.

You must not let it be obvious you have more than your

man, to the men watching you, they will feel you will never

be submissive.

Be cheerful and appreciate every man and let people know

you for what you are and not what you claim to have.



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