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Love Doctor: Dating Your Best-Friend: Can It Work?

May 16, 2016


Best friends are always there for you. And when life pulls you down, there they are, ready with a list of numerous things you can do with your best friend in order to cheer you up and help you out. But, when it comes to thinking about your friend as potential relationship partner as well as about dating your best friend, there is always a dilemma: should you date your best friend? There is no girl who didn’t ask herself the same question at one point in her life. But, the main concern about this dilemma is whether you will end up losing the person who understands you or will you make it happen?

Thinking about going from your friendship to being romantically involved with that person includes a tough thinking about whether you can make it work.

She/he has seen you at your worst and is still there

This is the guy/gal you know almost as good as you know yourself. He was always there, from the first time you met, played on the playground as kids, up to the present day. Whenever you were in the bad mood or angry, he was there to listen to you and help you do something about it. Watching girly movies and being your shoulder to cry on whenever a guy dumped you was something he was more than glad to do for you, because he cares about you. And you know what? He is still there and he knows how to deal with all your mood swings, all the problems you have and how to solve them in order to help you grow and improve. The best part about dating your best friend is exactly that- you have a person who knows you so well that you don’t always have to explain why something, that seems so tiny, is so important to you. He is the one guy who will never question those kinds of urges, because he already understands them. On the other hand, you can say the same from your perspective. You know what he’s like when he is having a bad day and you know how to react at those moments.


You are familiar with each other’s past and no one has issues

Another great thing about friends dating is that they already know the road that is behind each of them. He was there to help you get over almost every one of your ex-boyfriends and you were there to make his ex-girlfriend jealous, when he needed you to. You both know what the other one went through with love partners and what kinds of mistakes you were making in the process. Still, that doesn’t change how you two feel about each other. You still care for each other and nothing from the past is going to change that. Also, both of you got to see the other one’s reactions to some situations that are vital for the relationship, so there are no worries on how he is going to react if you go out for a drink with someone from your college or work. Unlike most of the guys, he won’t feel threatened by someone else from the circle of friends, because he knows the other side of the medal.

You feel pretty comfortable and laid back in his presence

There is no better feeling than having a total freedom to be whoever you are, without having that fear that the other person might not like your quirks. If you like wearing baggy clothes, when you are in the house, he will the one who will say you look amazing in them, as long as you feel great. Also, you can tell him whatever you want and he will not abuse the information. One of the perks of dating your best friend is that you don’t have to impress him by showing off your qualities, because he already knows them, sometimes even better than you do. The best part is that you can simply be yourself, feel cozy and do whatever you feel like- and you’re sure he will understand it in the right way and won’t judge your actions. On the other hand, you also know him as well as he knows you. So, technically, you are already on the familiar ground and you manage your way around with no problem, which is one more reason for dating your best guy friend.

The excitement of flirting with a friend.

Probably most of the girls tend to leave their male friends out of the picture when it comes to thinking about relationships and dating someone. They might think that flirting with the guy they have just met is exciting, because everything is mystical and new, so they can explore the options. But, the truth is, flirting with the guy you have known your whole life and you share a whole bunch of your secrets with, in front of the room full of people you know, is even more interesting. That way, each of you can send a coded non-verbal or verbal message to each other, and no one else will understand it. Imagine this: while everyone think that you two are only friends (as it was up to one point), you two can exchange flirtatious signals that only you can decode and have fun in the process. Also, seeing your best friend in a new light might just draw your attention to some things you haven’t noticed before, or haven’t just seen them in the same way up to that point.

You are both in it for a long haul and you know it

It is true that love and being in a relationship isn’t just another walk in the park. It’s not that easy. Every now and then you will be confronted with some problems, no matter how great your partner is. But, what is easier in comparison with other situations is the fact that you two know each other well enough to talk about various problems and ideas like two grownups. Engaging into a long term relationship with someone you know is like learning to walk after a few years of walking- you already know what to expect, how to deal with things and you know you have someone you can calmly discuss everything with. This type of a relationship is actually a lot less risky than most of other relationships, where you have to take a lot more time to see, if what he says is true. In this way, you already know the person you’re in a relationship with and how he acts and reacts, so there is no reading between the lines as usual.

Dating your best friend can seem pretty odd, because that is one person that you have known your whole life. But stop for a second and think about it: why is it better to spend time on guys who are just getting to know you and expect to get the same treatment as you would get from the guy who sometimes knows you better than you know yourself?

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