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Newly elected SUG President Snr. Comr. Cletus Oribhabor speaks and Appreciate the entire AAU Students

Mar 25, 2017

Greatest Nigerian Students!!! Of the Greatest and of the Greatest AAU Students!!! I gave you my Word and you gave me your heart and you made my Winning Possible.

First and foremost, I thank the God Almighty who has never let me down, who stood by me when no body wish me success and who has always made me a Winner.

Seriously, I have seen today that the Vision of the Vice Chancellor is not just in written form and does not end in Bulletin. You have shown to everyone today that you are here to Deliver this very Vision in Practical and I Salute your Greatness my Vice Chancellor our father. Oh! the ever Digital Aluta Conscious Dean of Student Mr. Don Akhilomen, indeed you are the Dean of Student and never the Dean of Management. And I say Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta my Digital Dean. May God Bless the AAU Management board for deciding to Conduct the most Freest, Fairest and most Credible Election in the history of Ambrose Alli University and am proud to announce to you that it is already on record that this happened under the Administration of the Great Ignatius Onimawo.

Hello Mr. Aruna Kadiri, I heard the news, I heard the role you played in the ICT/Collation centre in order to make possible a very Free, Fair and Credible Election and I thank God with your presence, this was achieved in a very great magnitude. I have always respected you Sir, and you still occupy a great space in my mind. I Salute your Statesmanship Sir.

I must this day, appreciate and give honour to whom honour is due. Therefore, I thank you to all Faculty Presidents, Departmental Presidents, Paramilitary Organizations, Hostel Governors, believe you me, I really appreciate you all for you all did a great Job for Cletus Oribhabor.

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! My Campaign manager Comr. Elvis Lawani who was loyal and committed till the end and thank you for believing in my Vision and deciding to work with me to achieve my Mission. To my Media Campaign manager and the Entire Media Team you cast the entire Social media for me you where all able to make the Cletus Oribhabor who was initially the least popular among the Aspirants the most popular within a short time to the extent almost every Social media group within the School and State had every minute writeups and discussions of the name Cletus Oribhabor, and I thank you all for this Marvellous job done online and the Offline campaign Team which was made of every body including the Online’s, till today, I still smile when I remember some crazy things you all did for my sake. You are just the Best. I THANK YOU ALL for I will continue to hold you all in High Esteem!

All hail the Great AAU Student!!! You are the reason for today! You saw me, you accepted me, you believed in me, you work me, and you voted me even when I gave you absolutely nothing! Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! What more can I say than to humbly and sincerely say THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! For I Love you All!!!

Before Election, I said it, and now, I am saying it again all AAU Students that “Your Interest is my Interest! Your Vision is my Vision! Your Opinion shall be my Opinion! Your Decision shall be my Direction! Well-being shall be my Concern! Your mission shall I make possible and Good Leadership shall I render in order to Birth Good Governance at the end” Thank and God Bless you my People.

To my Opponent Mr. Gani Akokhia you were my brother, you are my brother and you remain my brother! My Victory is your Victory! And together, let’s make AAU great for we all need each other as a people to achieve a common goal. I Love you my brother and to Osazuwa Kelly who later dropped from the race, I Love you too my brother for my Government shall not be that which harbour hatred for when there is hatred, development may not be possible. I Love you my brother and hope we make the Very Transformation which I have always wanted, Possible.

To all those who came out Victorious in the race, I say Congratulations and please, Politics is Over, and this is the time for Governance and as such, let’s come together and make AAU Great rather than pointing accusing fingers at each other and losing focus when we need it most. To those who may seem to have lost, I say you did not, for you have also Won as long as your Interest is for AAU to be Great because that very Transformation is what I have Come to make Possible. Thank you and God Bless You!!!

To all AAU Students, let my Congratulations be your Congratulation for “THIS IS A NEW BEGINNING” and I say in the Spirit of Aluta and Proactive Unionism, a very Big Congratulations to all Students of Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma.

Aluta Continua! Victoria Ascerta!!!
Comr. Cletus Oribhabor
President Elect (AAU SUG)

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