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“Reasons Why Girls Between 20 – 25 Should Not Date Guys Their Age”

Feb 20, 2017

Having read sekxy (my last crush) complains on how guys behave like kids, i’ve decided to write rationally in support of the females (if you like, call me an ass-licker

Below are some of the reasons you should not fall for our words, looks and flirty nature:

1. Still struggling – guys between 20 – 25 are either studying or trying to get a good job. If you jump into their arms, you will end up being seen as a burden. Complains non-stop; so go for guys in their early 30s.

2. Not ready to settle down : guys within this age bracket are not really looking for a long-term relationship. They just want someone to flirt with or kill boredom. Being pregnant for them won’t change their randy nature. Beware

3. Can’t take care of your financial needs: some girls might say love is enough but deep down you also need financial care to change your wardrobe, hair and kip ur shape. Jobs are not easy for females to come by.

4. We make juvenile/awkward decisions: we kiss and tell. We make love to a girl we love and start bragging about it instead of keeping the bond secret/dear. Due to our naive nature, we quarel for no reason with our babes; go into bad lifestyle like drinking, smoking or gambling.

5. Lack of maturity: no offence intended, the female counterparts within our age bracket tend to know more about relationships than us. So.. How do we command respect/authority? A fiancee/husband-to-be is like a father to the spouse; hence they give advice to their partners on the right part to follow due to their experiences. Guys 20-25 might not be able to do this. They might lead you astray or chicken out.

NB : no sexual satisfaction too as they are not matured enough deep down.

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