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What is ALUTA? – Sir Aliu

Nov 15, 2016


The word “ALUTA” in the real sense classically means “STRUGGLE”; the word is widely associated with a STRUGGLE for Freedom or LIBERATION of people from any form of Oppression, Repression or Subjugation.

ALUTA was a household word used in AFRICA when the generality of the Africans were charting and chanting for freedom from the Colonial Masters during the Colonial Era.

The full phrase of the shortened word ALUTA is “ALUTA Continua, Victoria Ascerta”, meaning “The Struggle Continues, Victory is Certain”.
‘ALUTA Continua’ became a general word used by the Nigerian Students, more so, by the Students Revolutionaries, Comrades and Activists. ALUTA Spirit which is the Spirit to fight for ones rights by engaging in peaceful/nonviolent demonstration of an ungodly act by any form of Government became a Spirit inbuilt to Nigerian Students with the belief of “Injury to one is injury to all”.

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