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Woman travelling in a bus goes into labour, then this happens

Jan 30, 2017

– A woman travelling to Kampala from
Nairobi went into labour near Kisumu
while travelling on a local bus
– She was travelling with another baby
and did not have any money with her
The unnamed woman was travelling from
Nairobi to Kampala using the Crown bus
and went into labour in Kisumu.

The staff at the bus company in Kisumu
were forced to rush the woman to a nearby
hospital but she had no money with her.
She was also travelling with a baby girl on
the bus when her labour pains struck.

The story was shared on social media pages
congratulating the hospital which took
care of all the bills.
” This lady was traveling from Nairobi to
Kampala using Crown Bus but upon
reaching our Kisumu office she almost gave
birth in the bus she had to be rushed to the
nearest hospital and that was Agha Khan
hospital where she had her baby.”

” This lady had another baby with her and
her Abuja bag only. She had not even a
single scent on her. The Agha Khan Hospital
put this lady in a V. I. P room for a whole
24hrs and the most marvelous thing they did
is they waived all her bills. It was
unbelievable. Thanks to Aga Khan family…
You brought a life into the world for free.”

Social media users expresses gratitude to
the hospital for waving all the bills and
hosting the woman in a VIP room. Others
castigated the woman for travelling
without any money knowing very well her
due date was near.

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