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Xclusive Article: Living Outside The Box

Dec 15, 2016

Living outside the box simply means doing things differently from the way people does it or from the way it would normally seem to be. This is the kind of attitude portrayed by leaders and those who want to stand out. Living outside the box or thinking outside the box isn’t all about saying it but acting according to it. Three basic necessities to live outside the box are as follows:-

1. VISION: – Vision can simply be defined as the ability to see but the Oxford English Dictionary gives three definitions to this one word “VISION” because of its ambiguous nature. First, it sees it as the ability to see or the area you can see from a particular position. It is also defined as an idea or picture in your imagination and thirdly, the ability to think or plan the future with great intelligence and imagination.

2. INSPIRATION: – To start with, what is your Inspiration? By that, I mean what is that thing that makes you want to be better or more successful. To live outside the box, you must note your inspiration (the source and the depth).

3. PURSUIT: – I know a lot of us might be thinking about pursuit as chase, hmmm… well not too far from it. Pursuit is the act of looking for or trying to find something and can also be seen as something that you do as a hobby. To live outside the box, we should be in pursuit of the following
• be in pursuit of God and His word
• be in pursuit of continuous development
• be in pursuit of selfless service
• be in pursuit of your goals
• be in pursuit of excellence and innovation.

by Ihengimena Gabriel

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