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#XclusiveArticle: Focalization of Campus Politics by Mark Uduosa

Oct 17, 2016


Politics can be defined as the art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs. In other words, it is an activity aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organisation.

A renowned scholar Haroldz Dwight Lasswell defined Politics as “who gets what, when and how”, this indicates that the nature of politics is about the distribution of power in a society.

Politics however encompasses the various processes through which government or school authority responds to pressure from larger society in particular by allocating benefits,rewards or penalties.

Personal research has proven that 6 in 10 persons on campus have reservations about campus politics and if given the opportunity will term it a “MISS”.But we must come to understand that it is a force that will continue to play its role in shaping our future,profession,life etc.whether we desire it or not.

Most interestingly, I’ll like to have us take a look at the major cause of this lack of enthusiasm in politics to help us lose hold of the powerful grip of the “Miss” syndrome. The notable term for this insensitivity on and off campus is known as Political Apathy, which is the indifference on the part of citizens of any country with regard to their attitude towards political activities.
The percentage of political enthusiasts is gradually reducing as we lose grounds to the “politics is a dirty game” advocates.

Although we view politics as a “Dirty game” and probably not for the calm ladies and gents, it is so because we have allowed our apathy to give in to the supposed corrupt personalities who dominate politics and take decisions which affects our well-being positively or negatively without generating reactions from the students.

Thus, if I was incurious about politics – the very activity through which my student association, school can respond to my needs and pressure – then I cannot complain when the body doesn’t meet my needs or hearken to my pressure. If I disengage myself from politics,then I’m throwing away my powers to decide how benefits, rewards and penalties which aren’t far fetched are allocated. We must also remember that whenever a man cast his eyes on an office, rottenness obviously sets in.

In conclusion, having made my point, I urge readers to be a part of the campus politics enthusiasts by being politically conscious.
Remember, indecision is a decision itself. Make a conscious choice that politics is not for a selected few and should never be treated with Hit or Miss affair.
It is a necessity and Quintessential.

By: Mark Uduosa

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