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#XclusiveArticle: My Life On Campus and After School

Jan 22, 2017

Cross section of computer science student dancing old skool music

It is expected for every child to go through the stages of education not just to be educated but to be able to stand every difficulty that life poses, to be able to survive and stand tall among his peers.

Some people will say that education is not for all, even the most educated can still remain poor, and the uneducated can still survive.

Life on campus is quite interesting, it is another world of its own, where teenagers get to choose what they want and how they want to live their lives without the supervision of their parents, all they have guiding them is the advice from their parents.
Some person’s attitude, character and lifestyle are often traced back to their foundation as a university student, because that is the part of their lives where they never had anyone to preside over their decisions and actions.
Campus life has its own experience on every student either positive or negative;

– Friends – They play a very vital role in our life on campus. If you must succeed on campus the friends you keep matter a lot, no one is perfect but if you must make friends, you must make friends with people of like mind, people who can make you work hard, people who can make you better, people who share the same desires with you. Thus the saying “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”.

No one can live on campus without having at least one friend, and a lot of these friends are directly or indirectly involved in our everyday life, there is every tendency that for every friend we have we learn or copy at least one character from them either good or bad, their attitude and behavior tends to rub off on you. A friend can help you build your career and on the other hand can be a career killer.

– Life on campus is also determined by your ambition, your dreams and aspirations; it is foretold that whatsoever one desires and goes after with passion he shall achieve not only satisfaction but success. Always aspire for the best, place your ambitions on high grounds because the sky is not meant to be a limit but a starting point.

– Campus is an environment preparing you for the outside world, preparing you for the future ahead. Campus is like a breeding ground for young ones, it is where you get to meet different personalities, where you discover your real you, it is never a friendly place not until you can turn the tide and prove how relevant and how best you can fit in your society, it is a hostile place where the destinies of so many wallow away in the dirt as a result of living among peers from different and unknown background, these set of people are usually found in the school hostels as hostel mates, in class as course mates and everywhere.

– Life on campus is also determined by your thoughts and guidance, the ability to have self control. When a person is properly guided and has full control of himself achieving a set goal on campus is never far away, good guidance makes you identify with people of like minds.

– Above all other decisions we make, God is still the chief builder of our lives, without God everything we do is in vain, laying your foundation in Christ is building on a solid ground which cannot be washed away. The presence of God is very important in our everyday life, we must learn to believe in God and start to live a spiritual life, we must always key in to the word of God, because in him is true salvation.
After school comes the real world, where everyone mostly your parents is expecting the outcome of all they have invested in you. At this stage is where one is usually now called a bachelor or a spinster, where you are now expected to be self dependent, your parents now expecting you to go out and make a living for yourself, this is where all that you have learnt from school is needed, now you get to see the effect of the choices you made while on campus “you can’t have your cake and eat it”. The future is as a result of the foundation you laid. Whatever you do today affects your tomorrow.
By Marcus Musa A.

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