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#XclusiveArticle: Recreating Education In Nigeria – AAU In Focus By Samson Obaro

Oct 12, 2016

It is believed that the punch-in of the Europeans into the educational sector was one of the best times our country has ever experienced in the quest of western knowledge. The era where intellectual sagacity was the ticket for entering the gate leading to the top.
The advent of western education can be traced as far back 1840s and was popularized by the missionaries. However, the tide changed and the stream of knowledge flowed in the opposite direction with the quest for social inclusion which led to the formation of unions(Student), and the primary focus of pursuing knowledge was considered a burden.
In the world over, the erroneous feeling that Nigerian Universities is a home for cultists and harassment of students both male and female; is one that has left us chilling in the confides of our institutions. In the wake of comfort, the wind of change has been blowing from one institution to another with Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma taking the lead.
To recreate means to give new life, energy or encouragement; to refresh, and enliven a particular thing which is in a sordid state. The yearnings for a recreation of our educational system is one that cannot be over emphasised and this cuts across the area of cultism; lecturer and students behaviour on campuses. The story of Ambrose Alli University is a peculiar one of an institution taking the lead in recreating education in Nigeria.
At the terminus point of the tenure of the respected Law professor, Prof.(Mrs) C.A Agbebaku, who served as the vice chancellor of the university, the university witnessed a deliberate recreation of the institution. This began inter alia from the NO-STRIKE sessions, which was followed ceremoniously by the call for renunciation by members of various cult societies on campus which witnessed a large response and this was tested and proven during the last graduation that saw the institution pass through a semester free of cult clashes. This transformed the Institution from a cult known zone to the great citadel of learning that it is. I recall the story told by one of the graduands who said that they represented the school at a debate championship competition at the university of portharcourt and they met with a lecturer from the institution and introduced themselves as delegates from AAU, the lecturer in his words replied; ” So AAU now sends people out for competitions? I thought it was only fight they know .” The statement shows an evidence of a working school. It is believed that adminstration is a continuum and this has been replicated in the institution with the coming of the new vice chancellor Prof. I.A Onimawo whose vision to improve the quality of students being produced from the institution has set to motion plans to consolidate the existing foundation of recreation and with this he has earned the warmth of the student within this short time. However it’s an onward flight to leading the train on recreating the face of education in Nigeria and in no time take our place among community of Universities. A journey led by our amiable Vice Chancellor. There is no gain saying that there has been an appreciable decrease in the cases of Blocking and student harassment by lecturers owing to the undivided cooperation of students and lecturers alike.
It is a truism that in other to recreate, there should be sustainability plans, this is one of the pillars of growing the education sector into a knowledge enterprise.
A move by other institutions in Nigeria will uphold the recreation of Education in Nigeria.

Samson Obaro – AAUXclusive Editor.

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