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#XclusiveArticle: What it takes to have a True and Healthy Relationship

Dec 12, 2016

Having a true and healthy relationship is the foundation to a successful “happy ever after”. To have a successful relationship a person must be willing to sacrifice a lot on his or her path, a person must be willing to sacrifice endless times – “for a potter to make a fine work out of clay, the potter is patient, understanding and has a connection with the clay”.


A relationship is like a hard drug; it could either kill you or give you a good feeling – the best feeling of your life.
Starting up a relationship is easy but staying in a relationship is very tactical as it requires emotions from deep down to keep up. Many times, so many good relationships come to an end unexpectedly because either both partners or a single partner could not keep up with his or her feelings in the relationship, not because it wasn’t love in the first place, but the fact that they could not keep the fire burning between them, or they are finding difficulties adapting to each other’s attitude or lifestyle.

Communication is a key component in building a successful relationship, the first step to take is to make sure both of you want and expect the same things, being on the same page with your partner is very important.
Some tips to help maintain communication in a healthy relationship:

  • Speaking up – In a healthy relationship sharing of doubts and sharing views is very important as it helps your partner study and understand you better. When one partner is bothered it is always better to speak up instead of withholding it.
  • Respect your partner – Mutual respect is very essential in maintaining a very healthy relationship, always make your partner know that they are relevant in the decisions concerning the relationship, give their feelings and wishes value.
  • Compromise – Disagreement is a natural part of every relationship, fights and quarrels must definitely occur but what matters most is how the issues are being handled by both partners.
  • Be supportive – Offer reassurance and encouragement to your partner, also let your partner know when you need their support, healthy relationship is about building each other up and not putting each other down.
  • Respect each other’s privacy – Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to constantly be together, or in each other business, or have to share everything. Healthy relationships require space.

    If you feel disconnected from your partner you both need a relationship booster, as even healthy relationships need boosters. A simple way you can boost up your relationship if you feel disconnected or your relationship has gotten stale is to do something fun together – something you both enjoy – like going on a walk, talking about your desires, why you want to be in the relationship, just do fun stuff and remember “love is an unquenchable fire” “love is a light that never dies”, so keep the fire burning and keep showing healthy behaviours.

    By Marcus Alayafin Musa

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