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You Can’t Get A Woman If You Have These Qualities

Sep 3, 2016


You Need A Woman And You Belong To One Or All Of

These Categories

What is good for one goose is good for another goose.

As it is for women, some men are also dying to meet their

soul mate.

One thing is that if they belong to any of these categories,

they might not get a woman till they answer the call of



It is a “no-no” for any woman. Women know that you may

not be rich every day, but what you do when you have that

resources matters and it covers for those days you are or

will be down.

It is not monetary at all times, sharing some things you have

is also another thing that makes you less-stingy.


Many responsible ladies too hate it when you brag about

your wealth.

They know one day you will say “how much is your

generation worth?” especially when the women factor sets

in(when the woman get you angry) which is expected. Even

at times the anger might be the fault of you the man.

As a proud man there is nothing you will think is too small

for you to have since you have the money.

Even at this period, those women that will be around you

are those that want to feed on your palms and they will

never be permanent.

At this point woman is nothing to you and this makes any

woman insecure.


The fact is that if you are boring you will only bore yourself

alone to death.

Not just women’s belief, relationship is meant to be enjoyed.

Not that you know you are in a bondage and you should be

feeling the heat.

Child’s play and others must be incorporated into any

relationship, love turn two grown ups to babies and that is

what the women expects from you.


When you are the type that loves to control, you might have

issues with women.

Yes, they love you to be in charge outside your home but

not in the house with them.

You love to make all the decision in the house not minding

the effect.You like to command them to do what you want

them to do not minding how they feel about your decision.

You want to be a self-esteem killer.


You are allowing the situation of your economy to weigh

you down. You are seeing yourself as someone who cannot

make it with little or no assistance.

You think it is your government that must provide everything

for you, they must even feed or bath you.

You can’t even create slight space for yourself to breath(Rat

is wiser than you). You depend on your family for everything,

even boxers.


You have never been truthful to yourself. You borrow

everything making everyone feel you are also in town.

You feel women loves those that live fake life, so, you must

also attract them by all means. Meanwhile you have nothing

to eat, yet, you prefer to use the little you suppose to feed

with to buy material things thinking they will make women

go gaga forgetting it will only last for a while.

You are on your own physically, spiritual and emotionally.

Women knows that pride and to be stingy are quickest way

to the down fall of any man and any home.

No woman want to be controlled around like a baby and

also want to sleep and wake up with one boring man.

No woman will even accept your proposal if they see no

future in you, they believe you ain’t ready and should still be

nurtured more especially when your dependence lies in your

parents, just forget it.



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